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    , by Alex

The Base Camp (5,250 m). Our house for the next few weeks. It is a real luxury to be the only expedition in the CB; Since during the year, it is usually overcrowded. But, fortunately, in winter, we are the only inhabitants under the highest summit in the world.

January 5, first day at Base Camp. We set up all the shops, put everything in its place, acclimated to that height, and began, as far as possible, to create a cozy space in which to feel like at home.

January 6, we have dawned strongly after the first night at the Base Camp; We have prepared the Puya, a Buddhist celebration to attract good luck. We have blessed our material (boots, crampons …) and we have lived very exciting moments!

Here we have a temperature between 14-18 degrees below zero, and we have several hours of light; specifically, between 09:30-16:00. Invaluable for us! :)

I have very good feelings, I feel very strong. This is so hard, we have to work a lot, but I am very happy..