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    , by Alex

Now that it has been a month since we returned from the Everest winter expedition without the use of artificial oxygen, I am in a position to make an assessment. Without a doubt, it has been one of the toughest challenges I have faced, and not only because of the most extreme conditions, but because I have to fight against my head to feel very strong and not be able to prove it as I would have liked. The weather conditions did not allow us to carry out our dream. Like the Polish friends of K2, this year winter has not fallen on our side; has not given choice to winter mountaineering.

First of all I know that I do not regret making the decision to return, since we were so close to everything or nothing, and to believe that to those conditions it is not easy to articulate decisions in the mind, but it was clear that I wanted to continue dreaming, discovering new mountains and taking care of the people around me. In turn, I am left with the ascent to the Pumori (7161 m), in which we complete the second winter of history. I will never forget the great panorama that we enjoyed from that peak that left me speechless. If something is clear to me, I will never tire of falling in love with the beauty of nature and the greatness of the Himalayas.

At the same time, it is time to assess all the support of the sponsors, to whom I want to thank one by one; you are very big, for you the present mountaineering follows. You are part of the trip, of the mountain and of overcoming. Thanks for sharing.
On the other hand, I am really fascinated with the follow-up that we had with the team of 16 people that we have been living together for 2 months at those 5350 meters that were our home and I hope it was yours too, since we have felt this way . Through all the support you sent us through all the videos and images that we have been sharing, we have felt with us. You do not have forgiveness, you are the flame that keeps my motivation alive and believe me that it is full.

Above all, I want to reflect all those people who are not having a good time, that overcoming is the key to move forward, and that if it is possible to equip up to 7850 meters of the highest mountain in the world in the most hard, it is also possible to pull ahead, get out of that bad moment and achieve your dream..