• 26
    , by Alex

It’s time to fly to Nepal and leave Bizkaia behind. The adventure begins. One more year we go into the hidden places of Everest, the highest mountain in the world, in winter and without artificial oxygen. But the truth is that what leaves me without oxygen is all those people who came to see us at the airport.

We are already in Kathmandu. But, believe me, we have not come alone. We have brought nothing more and nothing less than 900 kilos distributed in 31 packages. Thanks to the Turkish Airlines company. When we arrived in Nepal we made the corresponding Visa and came to Thamel, where at 18:00 we reorganized all the material. These last days have been very exciting, but due to circumstances such as not having enough sleep and because of the responsibility that I have had. For that reason I have not been able to enjoy it as I should. I would like to thank all those friends who have been helping me at all times, and without them it would not have been possible. I also wanted to thank all the sponsors and followers that are there supporting us.

Before saying goodbye I wanted to give some clues about what the new expedition will be: last year we were 11 climbers, however, this year, we will be 9 and 8 of them will be repeating the adventure. This is the team: Temba Bothe (Patagonia), Nuri, Cheppal, Pasang Norbu, Wolung Dorgie, Gyelsen (ice doctor) and Tenzing Gyelsen (ice doctor). Ali Sadpara and me, Alex Txikon, will joined them. I think that a smaller team is possible if we are strong and we have a good relationship between us.

Finally I would not want to forget about the colleagues who lived this experience with me, a greeting to Pablo Magister, Carlos Rubio and Aitor Barez. And, of course, a big hug to all my family that despite the risks involved in an adventure are always there supporting me..