• 24
    , by Alex

Good news has arrived this morning from the two groups belonging to the Road to Himalayas expedition, led by Alex Txikon.
On the one hand, the trekking group composed of mountaineers with disabilities of the Amiab association Juan Alejandro Martínez, José Urbano and Jesús Bermúdez, together with their monitors, have managed to reach today not only Gorak Shep, thus fulfilling the challenge of overcoming the 5,000 meters of altitude, but later they have ascended the Kala Pattar, to 5,300m.! This viewpoint is, in fact, a shoulder or buttress of the Pumori, strategically located in front of the Everest-Lhotse-Nuptse group and therefore offers an unparalleled panorama of the three summits that, for example, are not visible from the Everest Base Camp .
The moment has been very exciting. The boys are all well and crazy with joy, according to Ignacio de Zuloaga, who decided at the last moment to leave Ama Dablam base camp and accompany them with the four monitors and Oscar Cardo. "Now they say they want to get on the Pumori too," Ignacio said.
Meanwhile, in Ama Dablam Alex Txikon, Joanatan García, Félix Criado and Cheppal Sherpa, they finally left for Camp 1 yesterday despite a very strong wind that, according to Alex, literally threw them on the ground on occasion (he calculates that he reached 100km / h). Upon arriving at said Field, at 5,400 meters, they discovered that the wind has also taken three stores and part of the equipment that other team members had deposited last Sunday. "Hard night," the Vizcaino has broadcast via satellite. Nevertheless, this morning Cheppal and he have continued climbing to set the route and carry material to Field 2, at 5,900m. Each was loaded with two coils of rope to equip the route as they climbed the wall of mixed and rock. According to the latest news, Jonatan had stayed in the C1 store and Felix planned to return to Base Camp. In any case, these details may sometimes not be definitive because sometimes some of the messages seem to reach us with some delay..