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    , by Alex

Alex Txikon, Juanra Madariaga, photographer Diego García and the rest of the expedition members are preparing to celebrate New Year's Eve in the Antarctic Peninsula. In recent days they have sailed around some of the islands that form the South Shetland and have made at least two ascents in the area. From the first one, we have a brief note sent via satellite, in which Alex claimed that it was a new Alpine-style route to a mountain that might be inescaled. Of the second, carried out on the small island of Lockroy, we only have proof of the geolocation system that Txikon carries with it.
Although communication with the team is very scarce, we soon expect news, images and details of the ascents, since in four or five days the team expects to return to Puerto Williams, in Chile, and from there take a barge to Usuaia, to take Your international flight back to Spain.
Meanwhile, the team traveling by road to Nepal is experiencing an exciting adventure. With 10,485km traveled and after crossing Europe smoothly, an administrative issue delayed them almost two days between Turkey and Iran. In return, when they finally got into Iran, they found a fascinating country. “Where we go, they honk at us, they give us handfuls of pistachios and they give us smiles over and over again,” commented Paqui Vicedo, support driver with Iker Mediavilla. “It's amazing how poor they are with the resources they have: a liter of diesel costs € 0.045!” On December 30 they crossed another border, that of Pakistan. In their last message so far, on December 30, they were escorted by the Balochistan area, near the border with Afghanistan, hoping to arrive in Quetta on December 30 and, one or two days later, reach the capital of the Country, Islamabad.
Photo: Diego Martínez.