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    , by Alex

I've had lots of stories with motorcycles in Nepal and India in my life. The first time was in 2007, when I bought a Royal Enfield Lineart Igor Astondoa and I travelled across Nepal.

I had that motorcycle until 2015, when an earthquake destroyed the building where I kept it. After that I bought a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and I travelled from Kathmandu to Amritsar getting to know India.

I've always liked that motorcycle and all the history behind it. So, 3 years ago I decided to buy my third motorcycle, 1978 model, in New Delhi. It was completely reconditioned and it has been the only one I brought home. Felix Criado also bought another one.

I've just got the license and I've fulfilled my dream of bringing that motorcycle here. I brought it by ship to Barcelona and from there to Bilbao by lorry. It has been incredible being able to use it here, it reminds me of Nepal and India, the smell, the sound… all those special memories..