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    , by Alex

We spent two days equipping the Khumbu Icefall – between Base Camp and Camp 1-. Honestly, it’s what I’m afraid of climbing Everest, I do not want us to get stuck and we’re equipping it for a month. We are working hard, we have to climb a lot of stairs. In short, we have to equip a labyrinth of ice blocks.

We have to carry a lot of weight between Carlos and me. You can see in the Racetracker the laps we are giving up and down. You can follow all my travel at this url: http://racetracker.es/rt/everestwinter

I think we’ll be about a month working between Base Camp and Base 2; That is, from 5250 meters to 6,400 meters from C2. So we have a long way to go.

It is very windy, two stores have broken in Base Camp; Even so we came out. The waterfall is at risk, but let’s go slowly, with caution. For now, we have reached 5600 meters and we have already set 700 meters of rope.

The 11 climbers are working really hard; We have to carry a lot of weight and the terrain is technical, difficult and demanding.

When the wind stops us, we will return again. I am strong and I am very motivated. Thank you very much!.