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    , by Alex

It goes without saying that energy is a basic need. In an expedition among the glaciers surrounding K2, in a place untouched by humans, environmental protection must be our top priority.
However, is winter and we have fewer hours of sunlight, so we need more energy. Therefore, it has been essential for us installing solar panels and energy storage systems. We found a sunny place, with good orientation to avoid shadows of the tents or the huge Broad Peak (8.051 m). We installed them not far from us, in a sloping land, protecting the panels from the wind, and almost perpendicular to the sun to improve their efficiency. There are three panels of 110 watts each one.

The energy we obtain from the sun is sent to a charge controller, and from there to individual batteries, for storage. We use it to charge some devices like the radio station, which needs 12V continuous power supply.

Keep in mind that the entire system is working at extreme temperatures, even at thirty degrees below zero. Therefore, solar systems are necessary for us and at the same time a life-changing. Let's take care of the environment using natural sources of energy..