• 28
    , by Alex

We have equipped up to Camp 2 at 6700 meters in just 2 days. It is a real success and we are very happy. I am very proud of the whole team, we have equipped a new route line. After equipping with 1,100 meters of rope until Camp 1, we have taken another 1,200 meters of rope with us. The weather has been quite good although the strong wind has not helped much. However, we have worked well and we still don't believe what we have achieved.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Waldelmar Kowalewski, who was hit by a block of ice or a stone in his left collarbone. He went down at a slow pace and the partners at the Base Camp went to help him. He is fine, but he will return home tomorrow to recover.

Apart from that, the colleagues who have rested for the last few days in the Base Camp will take over from Nuri, Wallung, Cheppal, Gelsen, Pasang and me, as we have been working very hard at high altitude..