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    , by Alex

The incorporation of doctors Josep Sanchis (gynecologist) and Kepa Lizarraga (sports doctor) to the winter expedition to Alex Txikon K2 adds to this, a socio-health aspect. With the help of Felix Baltistán Foundation, the project contemplates an observational study of the hygiene and health conditions in the population of Baltoro.
The project has started in the town of Skole, located at 3080m. Both doctors have visited the medical clinic, where they have been able to assist various people in the town along with the doctor and a midwife (called the lady health visitor). The center, very modest, has an ultrasound machine that was donated by an Italian expedition. Dr. Sanchis has explored several pregnant women, taking advantage of the revision to instruct the health personnal on the use of the device. In his opinion, "given the cultural aspects of the region, the figure of the lady health visitor is essential to improve the health of pregnant women and their children."
According to the information provided by the local doctor (Farman Askole), one of the main problems suffered in the region, in addition to the respiratory ones typical of the high areas, is kidney stones. Analyzing possible causes, Dr. Lizarraga believes that "a particularity of the local diet that consists in the addition of sodium bicarbonate to facilitate the cooking of legumes, could be the source of the problem".
The project will have its second stage in the town of Machulo..