• 26
    , by Alex

Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC)

Bleak weather today in this Diamir valley. However, shouldn’t accommodate too much in Base Camp, and that’s why Alex Txikon and Ali ‘Sadpara’ have spent the morning marking with bamboos the traverse that goes from Base Camp to the morraine (where large accumulations of snow are very usual) and, specially, the glacier. T

oday it’s precipitating slightly, may will fall about five centimetres during the day; it means no big deal. But it is more than likely that in the coming days will snow heavily and the track will be completely covered. So, Txikon and ‘Sadpara’ have worked ahead, acted in a proactive way and marked properly the largest crevasses in the glacier, ready for the next time..