NEXT STOP | EVEREST in winter without bottled oxygen


My new adventure it is undoubtedly the most extreme challenge of my career. Even the most ambitious challenge in the world of mountaineering.



Human being has been conquering little by little every the most terminal points on earth: the poles, deserts, the 14 mountains of 8,000-meter-peak. One of the major challenges today in the world of adventure, if not the greatest of all, consists of ascending the roof of the world in the middle of winter and in the purest way, without the use of oxygen.








Under 60 degrees temperatures, gale-force winds of 150km per hour that can literally sweep the mountain and a summit that is grazing the stratosphere, are the essential ingredients to justify that no one has succeeded yet.


Only two Polish alpinists managed to climb the roof of the world in winter, by using bottled oxygen in 1980. They were part of a large expedition of 20 members and several sherpas. Ever since, no one has been able to raise it again and no one has done it again without oxygen.


Adding the loneliness of the mountain during the cold season, the dimension of the adventure is triggered to the maximum. In contrast with the overcrowding that suffers the Everest in high season, the exposition and little chances of rescuing, transform the highest mountain worldwide into the greatest challenge of the Himalayas.


As a novelty, there will be a continuous follow-up in film form of each moment of this adventure that will last, approximately, two months. For this, we will have the latest audiovisual technology and a great specialized team: Carlos Rubio (28), alpinist, climber and extreme skier of great talent; Aitor Bárez (40), director and producer of the movie we will record and Pablo Magister (27), camera, mountaineer and Drone pilot.


Is a young and new team, but in my opinion, the difference is success. Therefore, we will give everything for this dream; Dream of which I want to make you participate through the media, blog and social networks.


Do you accompany me in this great adventure?






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