26/02/2016: First Nanga Parbat winter ascent
The 26th February of 2016 is already part of the alpinism history. At 15:37 (in Pakistan), Alex Txikon, Ali ‘Sadpara’ and Simone Moro reached the top of Nanga Parbat (8.126m). The ‘killer mountain’ was at last conquered in winter.     After 24 hours they were back in BC, together with Tamara Lunger, who was › Read more
Already in C4 (7.200m), will set out for the summit at 5:30–6:00am
Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC) 25/02/2016 At 18:30 (in Pakistan) Alex Txikon has just contacted this BC for informing they’re already resting and hidrating inside their sleeping bags in C4 (7.200m). Optimum wind conditions are expected for 26th night and will remain throughout 27th, but waiting until then would suppose to spend one ‘extra’ › Read more
It was not possible, will try again tomorrow
Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC) 15/02/2016 They couldn’t make it. A new meteo change, one of those we are so afraid of, brought clouds and strong wind that forced four climbers to descend from C1. Nanga reminds us this is winter. Tomorrow they’ll try again. It was about 2:00pm when yesterday they reached C1 › Read more
Txikon, ‘Sadpara’, Moro and Lunger delay at least to early  February 7 the rotation they had programmed to start today
Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC) 05/02/2016 It seems that the short window will reach a few hours later. They are being fairly nice days here in Base Camp (some sunnier than others, so does the temperature), but every day we hear and observe frustrated that the wind blows very hard up there, aborting any › Read more
Wind gives a short letup that Txikon, ‘Sadpara’, Moro and Lunger use for reopening the track up to 5.100m in the Kinshofer
Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC) 05/02/2016 Indeed, as Tamara Lunger published on her Facebook account some days ago, the team leaded by Simone Moro has joined Alex Txikon and Ali ‘Sadpara’ in the Kinshofer route. The two italians have decided to close their attempt in the Messner-Eisendle route due to its bad conditions –“the › Read more
Little accident without consequences that serves as a lesson for all of us
Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC) 29/01/2016 This morning Alex Txikon and Ali ‘Sadpara’ set off from Base Camp for opening the track one more time, because hard wind has moved snow these days, covering the way. They had on mind to reach no further than C1 (4.800m), because meteo conditions do not give chance › Read more
Txikon and ‘Sadpara’ mark the glacier in case next days snow covers the track
Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC) 26/01/2016 Bleak weather today in this Diamir valley. However, shouldn’t accommodate too much in Base Camp, and that’s why Alex Txikon and Ali ‘Sadpara’ have spent the morning marking with bamboos the traverse that goes from Base Camp to the morraine (where large accumulations of snow are very usual) › Read more
Txikon, ‘Sadpara’ and Nardi have their route ready for summit push, just need to wait for a good window
Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC) 25/01/2016 Twelve days of hard work in mountain, three nights in C1 (4.800m), other four nights on the small and unconfortable platform in C2 (6.100m) and more than 2.500 meters of rope (almos 200 kilos) carried up and fixed along the route, up to its C3 (6.700m). Twenty five › Read more
Txikon, ‘Sadpara’ and Nardi have stablished a deposit in C3 (6.700m) and are back in C2 (6.100m) for the night
Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC) 23/01/2016 The team leaded by Alex Txikon has achieved an important goal: They’ve equipped the route up to C3 (6.700m). They’ve rejected the idea of spending the night at that altitude, though. According to the last meteo forecasts, hard winds (160km/h) are coming in less than 24 hours, and › Read more
Txikon, ‘Sadpara’ and Nardi in C2 (6.100m), with enough ropes for keeping on equipping
Text: Igone Mariezkurrena (Nanga Parbat BC) 22/01/2016 Txikon, ‘Sadpara’ and Nardi have started a new rotation today morning. Let’s see what they can do over this new window. It’s been a long, hard but eficient day: The three climbers got up at 3:00am (11:00pm at home), had breakfast at 3:30am and at 4:00am set off › Read more