REPORT | We are ekipping the Khumbu Icefall
We spent two days equipping the Khumbu Icefall – between Base Camp and Camp 1-. Honestly, it’s what I’m afraid of climbing Everest, I do not want us to get stuck and we’re equipping it for a month. We are working hard, we have to climb a lot of stairs. In short, we have to › Read more
REPORT | First days at the Base Camp (5.250 m)
The Base Camp (5,250 m). Our house for the next few weeks. It is a real luxury to be the only expedition in the CB; Since during the year, it is usually overcrowded. But, fortunately, in winter, we are the only inhabitants under the highest summit in the world.   January 5, first day at › Read more
New plans for the new year
Hi friends! In fact, I don´t have anything new to tell you, just to confirm what Denis Urubko and some medias published a couple of days ago: K2 winter expedition is definitivelly cancelled. Chinesse Government didn´t give us the permits for entering the country, due to “security and terrorism problems” in our destination area. Although I › Read more