REPORT | Heading to Mount Everest
It’s time to fly to Nepal and leave Bizkaia behind. The adventure begins. One more year we go into the hidden places of Everest, the highest mountain in the world, in winter and without artificial oxygen. But the truth is that what leaves me without oxygen is all those people who came to see us › Read more
REPORT | We are ekipping the Khumbu Icefall
We spent two days equipping the Khumbu Icefall – between Base Camp and Camp 1-. Honestly, it’s what I’m afraid of climbing Everest, I do not want us to get stuck and we’re equipping it for a month. We are working hard, we have to climb a lot of stairs. In short, we have to › Read more
REPORT | First days at the Base Camp (5.250 m)
The Base Camp (5,250 m). Our house for the next few weeks. It is a real luxury to be the only expedition in the CB; Since during the year, it is usually overcrowded. But, fortunately, in winter, we are the only inhabitants under the highest summit in the world.   January 5, first day at › Read more
New plans for the new year
Hi friends! In fact, I don´t have anything new to tell you, just to confirm what Denis Urubko and some medias published a couple of days ago: K2 winter expedition is definitivelly cancelled. Chinesse Government didn´t give us the permits for entering the country, due to “security and terrorism problems” in our destination area. Although I › Read more