REPORT | See you later, Everest!
This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a “see you later”. Everest hasn’t wanted this year to conquire its heart, but what I do appreciate clearly is that it has stolen my heart. I dream, every day, since we left our home on December 25 that we reach the 8848 meters that separate us from the sky, › Read more
AX | Life gives you surprises!
In that moment of happiness in which I thought that the greatest experience of my life couldn’t be overcome, Reinhold Messner my greatest idol and inspiration, comes to the Base Camp, to support me in my challenge of trying to ascend Everest in winter and without bottled oxygen. “The god of the mountains” was the › Read more
VIDEO | Hard days refitting the Khumbu Icefall
We have renewed 60% of the previous equipment affected by the hard weather conditions of the last weeks. It has been a laborious work in which we have retrofitted the complicated Khumbu Icefall located in the route between the Base Camp and the First Altitude Camp. Besides, I show you our previous days in a › Read more
CRÓNICA | We’re back from the Base Camp!
Yesterday, on the 25th, we went up by helicopter to the Base Camp. In one hour we went from being at 1000 meters, compared to 5,250 meters of the Base Camp. The truth was that I was afraid: I thought that I could be affected by altitude sickness, due to the change of being in › Read more
AX | Solidarity Project in Nepal
And then they say that dreams do not come true … Ha ha! A few days away in the direction of what is my second home, Nepal, Alex calls me on the phone and says “Enara, I have a surprise for you ..” This simple phrase was the beginning of what has been a great adventure. › Read more
REPORT | Gossiping at almost 8000 meters
They give us good part of meteo for the 14, we go for it. We left on the 10th, not too early, Norbu, Chhepal and me. No major problems than solving the icefall. We reach the 2C, 6.350 mt. In about 8 hours. Between Norbu and I we rode the 2C again; Chhepal arrives somewhat › Read more
REPORT | Balance is useless When you have fallen for a long time
We start from the base camp on Thursday, February 2, not very early as ascending to the C2 (6350 m), has become a mere process (although very dangerous). We enter into the waterfall of the Khumbu that makes waters on all sides; Dangerous sections increase. I thought it would be safer in winter, but every › Read more
REPORT | When the sun falls, life dies
If we really want to go up there, we have to act when life dies. It is then, when we must be the good team that we are and only then will we know if we are sufficiently prepared and if we will measure up, will we be able to overcome our fears? 7.30 in › Read more
REPORT | I’m not a superhero
After two days rest in the base camp, there are changes in the starting grid. Even assimilating what has been lived up there, it is too early to draw conclusions and still less to make decisions. There should be no rush; we have just started; we need to keep a cool head and try to › Read more
REPORT | 6 exhausting days ending in a terrifying arrival 
After 6 days away from home (CB), it is time to reflect. The accumulated fatigue and extreme situations have taken a toll on me and make my rest difficult. Therefore, at this time of the morning, I wanted to take everything I have inside and make you participate in what has been lived during these › Read more