AX | Solidarity Project in Nepal

And then they say that dreams do not come true … Ha ha!

A few days away in the direction of what is my second home, Nepal, Alex calls me on the phone and says “Enara, I have a surprise for you ..” This simple phrase was the beginning of what has been a great adventure.


As many of you will know Nepal is the cradle of the most majestic mountains on the planet. Therefore, the mountain tradition in this place it is worthy of envy.

However, rock climbing is still something budding, lack of tradition, the experience and above all, the means, because friends, here, life is not easy. Even so, the motivation and the desire of learning that I have seen inside the nepalíes, were the wick so that this wheel is put into operation.


I will save you the month and a half of endless phone calls, after hours meetings, various joys, some frustration and the thousand adventures lived to pick up the charge sent from Euskadi in Nepali customs, where the real offices in which EVERYTHING is processed, are the seats of the motorcycles parked at the door of the ministry … Someday, I will write about this because the operation of the Nepali bureaucracy gives for much …

In this bulky position that Alex and Ibra send from Euskadi (paying them out of their pocket and with the help of Azpeitia’s group of climbers, the many hundreds of euros that have taken to pay the shipment, the rates …) There are several drums and boxes filled with dreams in various formats. Such as helmets, express belts, strings, more than 40 pairs of climbing shoes, carabiners, reversals, drills, jumars, tapes, harnesses, 100 bolts… What a festival!



And few days later the great Ibra (Mikel Uribesalgo) arrives directly from the Base Camp of Everest ready to share with us his experience and his hard work in the rock. As a result of this we can find:



- Two workshops offered free by Ibra at Astreck Climbing Wall. The first one lead to the beginners in the rock and the second for a more expert audience. Both have been a total success. Ibra apart from having a great experience is a great communicator and we learned a lot with him!


- A rock outing in Hattiban with the Ladies Mountain League. This group was created by Hanna Sjödin whose main goal is the empowerment of Nepalese women through mountain sports. Thus, more than 10 women whose ages ranged from 12 to 50 years tested their first rock tracks in top rope. Seeing those faces of satisfaction and improvement in these women it was worth!


- 7 new open roads that, together with the existing ones, making Bimalnagar from now on, the major climbing zone of Nepal. Point it in your agendas, it is located next to a huge river where to take a dip when the heat is tight, there are boulder areas, camping, and a view of the Himalayas that cut the hiccups. This school now has tracks whose grades vary from 5+ to 7b+. Climbing for all tastes and all types … sports climbing, classic, long tracks, cracks, ceilings, … Such a huge pleasure!




- During this week naimed “Boltexpedition III Edition” we have also succeeded in getting Nepali climbers to learn how to equip themselves in a self-sufficient way, new climbing techniques, knots, meetings, secure, jumarear, rappel with safety …

Even the Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association that these days gave a climbing course also in Bimalnagar asked Ibra to give a class for his students!

Ibra has worked piecewise, hanging all day from the wall, looking for lines, cleaning, drilling, opening roads, teaching … having no time for eating.


His contagious joy, humility, simplicity, experience, knowledge and willingness to help, without a single complaint even though conditions were not the best in the harsh Nepalese winter, have made all this a success.

Ibra you are and you will always be a huge person!

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I want to extend my gratitud to the main promoter of this adventure, Alex Txikon.

I do not have words to thank for his help. He did not have enough to organize his Everest winter expedition but he has also worried about every aspect of this project, even from the Base Camp. Alex is not only a MOUNTAINEER in capital letters, a mountaineer of those of before, an adventurer, but also has a humility, generosity and a heart that scratches the unassigned. This feature, unique in this world today, where even on the mountain, the great egos seem to dominate everything.

He did not want his name to appear on any paper, he wanted to remain in the shadow, but I refused to it.

Without him, absolutely nothing of all this would have been possible.

You deserve recognition Alex.

And of course, each of us especially appreciate the great help and generosity of all the sponsors who have trusted in this project giving the best of themselves. Thank you very much!

- Alkizabal, Ander!

- Fixe, Raquel Hernandez!

- Sokaitz Eskalada Taldea and Beltza

- Zero Azpitik

- To the people and climbers of Azpeitia

- Lorea Bilbao, deputy of culture and sport of the Diputacion de Bizkaia

- To the climbers of Bergara

- Esther, David, Eneko, Haizea and Jose

Here in Nepal my great allies and friends have been Dave Smith, Niraj Karki and Hanna Sjödin with the Ladies Mountain League. Thanks a lot!


I hope this is only the beginning. Hopefully next year we can repeat and continue learning, enjoying and equipping new roads in Nepal. See you on the rock!

Enara Lariz
Nepal, February 2017


Ibra: “I would like to repeat it again, maybe another year, with more support from both people and sponsors. I have been especially happy because our work has been worth it. Thanks to everyone, really.”






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